Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry and Gallery has been creating limited edition bronze castings in Prescott Valley since 1991. Our building was erected specifically for bronze casting and includes a central corridor for tours, a gallery and sculpture garden. We are fortunate to work with some of the country’s top sculptors. Bronzesmith’s quality is a result of many years of hard work and dedication and has been a leader in the bronze casting field.


We would like to introduce our team members who are an integral part of our bronze casting process.

Ed Reilly

Ed Reilly is the hands-on owner of Bronzesmith and has been involved with bronze casting since 1978. He has a wide range of knowledge and experience in all phases to produce high quality bronze casting.

William Reilly

William Reilly is the other hands-on partner who has experience in all phases of bronze casting and among many other things, oversees quality control in the metal finishing department. Billy’s attention to detail has made Bronzesmith’s quality what it has become known for.



Deb Gessner

Deb Gessner is our primary mold maker since 2012. She is an accomplished artist and assists in sculpting both enlargements and final details on many sculptures. She has been the sculptor on several of the monuments cast at Bronzesmith, including “The Not-So-Gentle Tamer”, “Cowboy in a Storm”, “Giddy-Up Daddy” and others.

Orianna Bradley

Orianna Bradley has a foundry degree from ASU. She is proficient in wax making, touch up and gating. Her organizational skills are a bonus in the wax room. She began working at Bronzesmith in 2017.

Harley Miner

Harley Miner is a “man of many hats” since 2003. He is the investment casting technician, with knowledge and expertise in both ceramic shell and solid investment casting. He is an important part of the bronze pour team and keeps the back of the foundry organized as well. He also produces the hard wood bases for our sculptures.

Ricky Gamez

Ricky Gamez has been a loyal, hardworking and dedicated part of the company for 18 years.  A man with many talents, he has led the bronze pouring team and is a stellar welder.

Julia 2

Julia Ravensymth has worked as a metal finisher at Bronzesmith beginning in 2005. Her precision in welding and jewelry background, have resulted in the attention to detail necessary for the fine features she is working on.

Sam Heoflicker

Sam Hoeflicker began working as metal chaser and a welder in 2014. His natural grasp and ability as a quick learner and attention to detail have made him an exceptional chaser.

Matt Meyers

Matt Myers is our newest team member and is a jack of all trades. From ceramic shell removal to bronze pouring and sandblasting, he is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed.

Carl Wolf

Carl Wolf has 25 + years of experience in both metal finishing and patina. Carl’s wide variety of patina finishes have made him a well-known patina artist and an essential part of Bronzesmith. He has also become known for his own sculpting and patina paintings. Because of his own artwork, he understands how important the patina is, and can translate the artists wishes on to their sculptures.

Julie Hnat

Julie Hnat began as office manager in 2017. Not only does she do the bookkeeping, but keeps track of all bronzes ordered, their numbers, shipping, and a multitude of other tasks. She has patience and ability to multitask, both of which are necessary in her position.

Kathy Murphy-Reilly

Kathy Murphy-Reilly has been a part of the foundry for the past 18 years. She leads our weekly foundry tours and manages the website and social media for the business.