Desert Caballeros Western Museum Cowgirl Up!

Opening Weekend: March 29 – March 31

In 2006, Desert Caballeros Western Museum in Wickenburg, AZ embraced a revolutionary idea: an annual exhibition showcasing the brightest contemporary female artists working in the Western genre. In the male-dominated world of Western Art, Cowgirl Up! turned the spotlight squarely on women’s voices and perspectives, serving up a new, deeper understanding of the American West. Over a decade later, CU! remains one of the major national events for Western women artists.

More than a show – Cowgirl Up! is a crossroads where artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts come together to explore what it means to be a Western artist. CU! artists ride the range of techniques, styles, and mediums, traditional and contemporary. The Show runs until May 12th. We are proud and honored to work Santa Fe sculptors Rebecca Tobey and Liz Wolf. These remarkable artists will be showing their newest work at the show .

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