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Venell, ​Dave

Dave Venell is a native Arizonan. He was born in Phoenix and currently lives in Prescott Valley. Dave is married and has two children.Dave was in the Air Force from 1985 to 1992, where he was a jet engine technician. He served in Germany for 3 1/2 years and was stationed back in Arizona until 1992. Dave also participated in Desert Shield supporting the air tankers in Saudi Arabia. In 1991 Dave obtained his Airframe and Powerplant License.

Dave is a self-taught artist and loves working with his hands and creating art. Dave also produces stunning gold and silver jewelry designs. Dave uses his expertise in jewelry wax design to create accessories for each sculpture, i.e., helmets, rifles, bayonets, shield and swords.

Dave has a passion for history and events which have shaped our world from past to present. As a military buff, Dave has spent years researching and collecting militaria from WWII. He has spoken to many veterans about their personal stories relating to their military experiences. He pays special attention to historical accuracy and detail in depicting the proper uniforms and equipment.

Dave strives to create unique and dynamic sculptures that express a snapshot in time.

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