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Horton, Jesse

Being fortunate to grow up among a family of creators and adventure seekers has provided much fuel for my craft. Sculpture was not always the intended voice. Many things preempted it. Film, photography, piloting submarines, construction, years at sea, even a wildlife guide to mention a few of the notables. A childhood spent growing up in the tropical waters of Bermuda, and then teenage years spent in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado all contributed to a sense of wonder and curiosity for the world around us. Later Oceania and Central America got thrown into the mix. Often the many experiences I have been able to have seem benign, until they somehow come together while working on a piece of sculpture.

Pursuing Sculpture has become a passion for me that I honestly never saw coming. My father Walter Horton was a sculptor, and it was only after his sudden passing that I truly began to see the depth that sculpting can provide for a storyteller with some clay.

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