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Daggett, William

William Daggett’s love and connection to the wild comes through in every piece of his abstract art. Birds, horses, critters and other elements of nature organically surface during his creative process. His love of woodworking and wood-sculpting became refined when he began working with ancient Juniper, mesquite, and ironwood burls, using small hand tools, and detailed techniques to create his beautiful wood sculptures.

“These days I am especially drawn to 3-dimensional, abstract forms,” says Daggett of his work with Juniper now. “The process of taking a natural piece of nature and physically manipulating into something new—a beautiful piece of art, inspired by its own curves and textures—is what I find most rewarding.”

Recently, Daggett has worked closely with Bronzesmith Ed Reilly to cast some of his favorite Juniper sculptures in bronze, allowing them to live on in a different medium. The collaboration with Reilly, and his family of bronzesmiths, is exciting, as they add their own gorgeous patinas to Daggett’s sculptures, elevating the pieces in a new way. Daggett looks forward to exploring this next chapter of wood-to-bronze with the inspiring use of patinas on his art sculptures.

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