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Hyde, Doug

Of Native American descent, Doug Hyde was born in Hermiston, Oregon, in 1946 and grew up in Idaho. The lore of his Nez Perce, Assiniboine, and Chippewa ancestry came to him from his grandfather (who was known as ‘judge’ because of his wisdom) and other elders who carefully instructed Doug Hyde through legends of animal characters the morals of his people as well as the ways of Mother Earth and the creation of man. Hyde’s sculptures are recognized for their innovativeness as well as expressing mythology and spirit. Through his sculptures, he gives a visual voice to stories of his own ancestors.

At the age of seventeen, Hyde came to Santa Fe and attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe from 1963 – 1966 during which time he enjoyed the tutelage and friendship of the late renowned Apache sculptor, Allan Houser. In 1967 Doug Hyde attended the San Francisco Art Institute on scholarship for a time before enlisting in the U.S. Army.

Doug Hyde casts bronze sculpture from original stone work but prefers to do originals from stone because he loves the resistance of the medium.

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