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Sabin, Hib

Hib Sabin’s work is inspired by his interest in traditional shamanism and its contemporary application in a search for a spiritual bonding between man and nature. He has become involved with the use of animal forms through carving ​masks, sticks, and spirit canoes.

Bronzesmith takes his favorite works and uses the wood carving to create a mold of silicon rubber to make a limited edition bronze sculpture.

Hib has combined his love of nature with his spiritual beliefs and created art that encourages the viewer to go beyond what one sees. Hib carves juniper wood that he finds locally and then paints the carving to recreate an ancient patina. The same style of patina is applied to his bronze sculptures.

Hib is inspired by Inuit sculptures, Mexican folk art and the mythological cultures of Native Americans. Hib carves animals and instills them with an energy that captivates the viewer.

Many of the pieces he carves are custom made, honoring specific totem animals requested by patrons. He is particularly interested in the symbolism of bears, wolves, ravens and owls, and they appear in many of his works.

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